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 [MUST READ].!!..Server Rules

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PostSubject: [MUST READ].!!..Server Rules   Tue Jul 26, 2011 7:12 am

As we have created our new Server,we also have many rule's,Because this is a Roleplay server Laughing

Everyone who play's on our server should follow some rule's, to have a better experience.. Smile

1) DO NOT ABUSE...because this is a Hard RP everyone would get angry.. Evil or Very Mad

2) No Discussion's on our server(Execpt for ADMINS)...that's not the place for...Please use our forums.. pale

3) As this is our New server on SA-MP, DO NOT COMPLAIN...We are improving day by day.. afro

4) DO NOT request to be an ADMIN on our server..Please use our Forum for that.

5) The server is for Enjoyment & Playing...If any ADMIN saw you doing other activites than that, he has every rights to KICK or BAN you from the server.

6) If you ever get KICKED or BANNED from the server please dont get angry and start hating Us...Request on our Forum and you can easily get back in.. cheers

Following the ABOVE rules will help you to get a better Game play.. Cool

Please Enjoy Our Sever.... Very Happy
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[MUST READ].!!..Server Rules
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