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 Why are we not role playing correctly..??

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PostSubject: Why are we not role playing correctly..??   Wed Aug 10, 2011 9:46 am

Avoid the rules when you are not role playing...i mean just roaming around.

As you can understand from the topic...Why are we not role playing.?...From the day the server started till now i felt that we all were just roaming freely and was not role playing correctly ...We were teleporting to friends, Spawning cars ..etc etc......
So here i present our NEW SERVER RULES.....

Rules for Admins :

Every admins including 1338 lvl should have to follow these rules strictly without any FAIL...

- NO teleport to any friends , place , cars or what ever it is.....It is Anti-Role Playing.... Evil or Very Mad .....They can only teleport with a valid reason or if something is very Important....

- NO spawning cars....Admins can only use the cars which they have bought or any Faction cars in which they are member or leader...

- NO use of /aduty .....It can only be used for handling special situations.....

- Should not act like a Admin...Every Admins are regular people so act like one....Do not act like a Admin please..!!

- Admins have no rights to Jail a player....Only a Police officer or F.B.I can Jail some one....Admins can only jail if situations are out of control..

- NO repairing cars with commands...Cars can only be repaired in Shop or if the Police allows..

Rules for Faction member or Leader :

- Should only use cars which you have bought or which is in your Faction..

- Should not make any one as a part of your Faction...Ask the Admins first..

Other rules for best Role Play experience :

- If you crashed your car somewhere you have to stop and call the police to check the situation.
- Gang members and Cops are Enemy...So if anyone saw each other dont make love.. Laughing
- Everyone should have a Speedometer which can be bought from any 24/7 Shops..
- Driving a car which is damaged can get you a fine from police.
- Everyone should have some work than simply roaming around.. Cool

-------------------------------------------------------- END ---------------------------------------------------------

So i request every one to follow these rules espically admins...

------- SERVER CLOSED -------
---------- Crying or Very sad Sad Crying or Very sad Sad ----------
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PostSubject: Re: Why are we not role playing correctly..??   Wed Aug 10, 2011 9:44 pm


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Why are we not role playing correctly..??
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